Tips on Achieving Your Goals

1. Identify your goals

Once you start to set some goals, you may find that some of those goals will be more important than others. You need to identify the small ones but will have a greater impact on your self-esteem. Once you find it, start to put some actionable efforts on those goals. For instance, let’s say you’ve set a goal to expand your business. Break them down into smaller parts first. Make a list of those parts, complete with bullet points if necessary. It can be hiring new employees, building your second store, and so on. Fulfill first things first and calculate the risks of every action that you’re going to take.

2. First things first

It’s better to aim for some goals that have more meaning in your life and your career instead of the easy ones but won’t make you feel proud once you achieve it. Try to put more work on certain goals before you give full attention to other goals.
The purpose of this is to make you feel less overwhelmed by the picture of your biggest goal. Stressing too much on your main goal can frustrate you if you haven’t achieved them. For this exact reason, it’s better to go for your smaller goals one by one. By achieving those smaller goals, you’ll feel more motivated to achieve the big one in 2019.

3. Figure out the outcome

To be clear on where and how you want your hard works will result is another important part of achieving goals. It’s important to have an ultimate goal. By doing so, you will have more encouragement to achieve the smaller goals that will lead to the main goal. You will achieve more if you have a clear focus on where you are going.

I’ve seen a lot of people failed in achieving their goals. Most of those were caused by their inability to see the bigger picture of their goals. As a result, they stuck on where they were, feeling discouraged. In other words, they felt those goals weren’t worth the efforts.

That’s why you need to keep your focus and know what you are going to achieve. Once again, clarity and determination is the key.

4. Don’t rush, everything takes time

Doing something too slow or too quickly will distract your focus. Set an ample amount of time to achieve and complete each goal. Make sure that within that amount of time, you can get the desired results that you’re aiming for. Be reasonable and very careful when you set the time frames for achieving your goals. Failure to do so will risk your motivation and may discourage you to keep on going.

For example, you just started a YouTube channel and so determined to grow it. You’re so pumped, put out a lot of quality contents and believe people will love it. Slowly but sure, you start to gain subscribers. On the first month, you’ve already got 50 subscribers.

Because of that, you get even more pumped and put more and more contents there. You start to set a goal to get 10.000 subscribers in the next month. In due time, you only gain another 100 subscribers. The cycle goes on and on for several months and that makes you feel discouraged.

Do you get the point here? Everything takes time. Achieving your goals is not an exception. Set your smaller goals in the smaller time frame, and your bigger goals in bigger time frames. This way, you will keep yourself going without feeling discouraged.

5. Learn to be efficient on multi-tasking

To work toward a new goal while finishing out the goal you were already working on, you need to work in a stacked method. You can start to work on the next step while finishing the previous step. Working on this method will help you to keep the momentum going.

Multi-tasking is the simpler word for this. But this is not about working on everything at once. It’s more about working on the relevant projects at the same time.

However, you need to keep in mind that this method requires good planning and high commitment. You need to plan carefully about the things that you can stack and the things that you can’t. Commitment is needed to keep you doing the work without slacking off.

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